Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Alvaro was of Chilean descent, but by the time I got this tape in 1991, he was living in Germany where he still resides! He is still active today I know, because I recently heard him on Lord Litter's radio show! 
It's "Alvaro Awareness Month," And to celebrate, here's a great song from the man who was once in a band with Joe Strummer, just don't expect any Punk Rock!
Here's also the link to Alvaro's website!
ALVARO - "Mariposa"

Saturday, March 17, 2018

HERMANOS GUZANOS - 3 Songs That Gary Likes

Besides being St. Patrick's Day, today is also Gary Wray's B-Day! Gary was the guitarist etc. for Hermanos Guzanos, and he thinks you need to hear these songs for some reason! He's also provided some new artwork to go along with each of them! 

First up is......"Mysterical Sights." This is a song from our first tape called "The Worm's Turn!" At one point in time I thought the guys who did the best golf song in the world, ARTPHAG, were going to do a cover of this song, but I guess it never happened, because I never heard any more about it!

 "Passion In Their Punches" is another song off that first tape! We used to watch a lot of boxing on TV. I always thought, and still do, that boxing was the most difficult way to try and make a living! That's what this song is all about!

From our tape "Back In The Alley," we have...."Plutos On UFOs."
 I think the name speaks for itself!
"Get us the Hell on out of here!"

Friday, March 16, 2018

FOX - TREYFID - "Knots" (1989)

 I've been going through a box of old letters, so now I have more information about these tapes, which is a good thing since my addled old brain doesn't always function as good as it used to! I think I received this cassette from Mr. Treyfid probably because I read a review in "Option" and sent him a tape, and from his letter, it looks like this is what he sent in return, a tape he did with his friend George Fox. The liner notes read "Knots is a multimedia performance based on Thomas Coles Historic "Voyage of Life" painting. It was performed Live May 3, 1989 at the Corcoran Gallery Of Art in Washington D.C." The rest of the participants on this project are David Aub, Elizabeth Fry, Jim Newcombe, Yannis Mouhasiris, Russ Peticolas, Rozi Velasquez, and Beatrice Valdes! Here's the title tune!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

OTOONIES - "The Whale And The Wind" (aT) (1990)

Otoonies: "the whale and the wind" was a 1990 tape released on Carl Howard's 'audiofile Tapes' label or aT for short. I don't know much about Otoonies because this tape was sent to me by Carl, not the band. I think it was a thank-you for sending him old uncirculated three cent stamps he could paste all over a postcard, and piss off the post office! There were three songs on the first side, two new age psychedelic percussive instrumentals and then this out of control rock song! Hang on!!

I guess aT tapes doesn't exist anymore, but Carl is still involved with music and has a radio program called "Space Patrol!" that you should probably check out! 

Actually one of our tapes called "Back In The Alley" was released on Carl's label also in 1990, and to this day the royalty checks have never stopped coming in, but then they technically never started, and I'm pretty sure Carl has all the money in a Swiss bank account because I know for a fact that he must have sold at least three copies! I just also found out that this tape is listed on the Discogs website along with a bunch of other musicians like Pornolicious, Homer and Jethro, Dread Zeppelin, The Fugs, The Smothers Brothers, Frank Zappa, Humpsvakar and other amazing acts in the category of "Explore Parody!" I'm so freakin' honored!!
Hermanos Guzanos - "The Alley"

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

FRANKY AND THE SHADOW - "Howlin Dog" (1990)

And I quote.............."TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, Franky and the shadow is a collaboration of some of the Bay area's finest musical and poetic talents. The music has high-energy impact without sounding overbearing. The lyrics contain a vision that is necessary for the coming age. If you would like to hear our latest "HOWLIN DOG" we would be more than happy to send you one, THANK YOU, FRANKY" 

Friday, March 2, 2018

THE ID - "what id is" (1987)

 THE ID were from Florida, not the Forbidden Planet! If you wanted to say this band was cerebral, I wouldn't disagree with you! I'm pretty sure this is another tape I got because I read a review of their music somewhere, sent them one of our tapes, and they were kind enough to send something back! The band was Ned Davis : Vocals, guitars, piano, DX7, percussion and bass on one song. John Kuge: Poly-61, Juno-60, and DX7 synthesizers, vocals, piano, electronic drums. Nabil Tamer: Guitars, vocals, bass. With Mike Malinin: Drums, IverThue and Paul Miller: Bass, and John Pszyk and Mike Crudele! This is a great tape, and these guys are all over the place. I have no idea what this song is about, but I like it!!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Sometimes I'd read reviews of tapes in magazines, so I'd mail somebody one of our tapes. Sometimes people would send me something back, sometimes I got nothing. Sometimes people would read about our tapes and do the same thing. I'm pretty sure I read about Beatniks From Mars and sent them a tape, and this cool tape was what I got in return! Another guy I traded a lot of music with was Lord Litter, and I'm telling you for the real sounds of independent music of the past and today, do yourself a favor, and go listen to his radio show. It makes a great accompaniment to a cold Winter's breakfast, and will warm you right up!

Recorded "Live" at CBGB in New York in 1989, Beatniks From Mars were Larry White - R & Slide Guitar - Vocals, Keyboards, Harmonica and Production. Joh Hirschman - Lead Guitar. Jim Caulfield on the Drums, and Tom Hood - Tom Crotti - Bass. 
They called it "Hound Dogma Music"

Saturday, February 24, 2018

ENORMOUS RICHARD - "Almanac" (30 Skuntry Hits) (1990)

I kept pretty good records of who and why I used to send tapes to, but I would have to go dig through a big box of old letters to find out any more information about Enormous Richard, but I can tell you this! This tape called "Skuntry Hits" was released in 1990 by a bunch of people in Illinois who seem to be having a real good time.The whole tape was recorded 'Live" to 2 tracks, or to quote the liner notes, "Overdubs? Schmoverdubs!" Enormous Richard be: Marshall Boswell - Moved down to Floooreeda too soon to play on the tape. Helped write and make it happen, though. Chris Bess - Played accordion. Mopped his brow. Joe Esser - Played bass. Got married. Matt Fuller - Played drums. Looked skeptical. Chris King - Sang. Played kazoo. Guitar Johnny Minkoff - Played roadhouse guitar. Elijah Shaw - played (a'hem) fiddle, banjo, harp, melodica, shaker, kazoo, guitar, sang bv's. Rich Skubish - played acoustic guitar, sang the operatic lead v's, sang bv's.  And special guests Kip Loui and Dave Melson. Get ready, I had a hard time picking a tune so here's...

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

THE LIE DETeCTORS - "Good-Bye Ronnie We Love To See You Go!" (1988)

According to my ancient records, I sent the 210th copy of "The Worm's Turn" to The Lie Detectors in Sparkill, New York in 1989. This tape is what I got in return. The Lie Detectors were George Hairamust on lead guitars and vocals, Barry Van Halen on bass, Scotty M. Surrogate playing drums, and Brian "Pecker" Clyde on vocals and rhythm guitar! Ironically enough, the tape I sent them also had a song called "Meltdown" on it!
The Lie Detectors - "Meltdown"
Hermanos Guzanos - "Meltdown" 

Monday, February 19, 2018


Here are seven late 1980's Hermanos Guzanos cassette covers done by Gary Wray that nobody has ever seen before because they were just made for me. We didn't live in the same town back then, so after we'd have a garage get together, Gary would make me one of these tapes, and sometimes he embellished them with his artwork! These are some of the results!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

MARK HANLEY - "House Of Fury" (1993)

This will be the third Mark Hanley tape I've presented here!  This one is called "House Of Fury" and escaped in 1993!  The other two so far are, "KX4CS15," and "SCAR!" What can I say, Mark was one prolific cat! Straight out of Youngstown, Ohio, Mark was also the guitarist with the band Sister Ray, but he did a lot of these solo tapes! Mark was a sonic guitar monster, all I can say is Turn it up if you really want to feel it!
Mark Hanley - "Soaperville"

Thursday, February 15, 2018

BIG JOEY - "Black Habits" (1987)

Big Joey was from Colorado Springs, Co. The only name on this 1987 tape called "Black Habits" is that of Jeph Jerman. It was recorded at the House Of Death! This is what I call Guitar Monster Music! Music that is driven by wild or crazy, fuzzed out, turned up electric guitars. Some people can control the monster, and some cannot, and that's what makes the difference! This song is called "Spackle" and reminds me of patching holes that got punched in the wall!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

HINDS - "Variations" (1986)

 Hinds was a band from Millbrae, California that included Peter Hinds on Drums and Percussion, Peter Vinikow on Bass, and John Hinds playing Guitar, Keyboards, Soprano Sax, Flute and Percussion! Pretty mysterious, three guys, but two have the first name Peter, and two have the last name Hinds, but they're not the same guy! This 1986 cassette was called "Variations!" Make sure and turn it up, because this is Hinds with...

Saturday, February 10, 2018

BAMBIX - "about little green dogs and big brown bears.. .. (1988)

I used to think our music was weird, but then I received this tape from Belgium in 1988, and I realized we weren't even in the same league as our European brethren, and I felt lost and alone, just the way Bambix wanted me to feel! (Is that the sound of somebody vomiting?) This is also probably the most provocative cover of any tape I ever got! This was a 3RIORECORDINGS production, and ironically enough, it says 2018 Antwerpen Belgium! To this day, I still think this is one of the oddest tapes I ever got!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

SOCKEYE - "It's A Crazy Elderly World!" (1988)

Here I am in the olde folk's home, and it's the month of love, so here's a band I love! When you can combine irrelevancy and irreverent, you've got a mighty potent brew, and that just what Dave and his buddies from Stow, Ohio were doing! Lewd and crude, here's one of the tamer songs from this wild and crazy 1988 cassette....
Sockeye - "The Elderly Love Grilled Cheese"

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

DRAIN THAT DIRTY WATER - Various Artists Compilation (Boston) (1991)

"Drain That Dirty Water" is a 1991 SET Cassettes various artists compilation tape straight outta Boston! Some of the artistes on this tape with some of the best names ever, are DICKTATION, TALL BALD GRANDFATHERS, DEBRIS, ROADKILL, DOUGZIG, and more.....but my fave amongst the bunch is MENTE, a band composed of John Murphy on vocals, Edward Van Mente playing the guitars, Mazz on bass, and Gringo Starr playing the drums! So here they are, the self-proclaimed "Worst band in the world!!" Turn it up and get ready, cause here's

Thursday, January 25, 2018

THE ROSEBLOODS - "Dragon in The Field" (1987)

If I recall correctly (something I don't always do any more), what I used to do was look for cassette reviews in music magazines, and when I read about something I liked, I'd either write or most likely just send them one of our tapes with a request for a trade. In March of 1988, I sent one of our tapes to Bloomington, Indiana to a guy in a band called The Rosebloods, and a tape titled "Dragon In The Field Is" what I got in return from their manager!

  The members of The Rosebloods were Steve Cook on Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Brian "Brain" Kearney on Tenor Sax and Backing Vocals, Phil Reavis on Bass Guitar, Nathan Sturm on Drums and Backing Vocals, John Terrill playing Rhythm and Slide Guitar, Voice and Bad Piano. On the pretty dang cool song I have for you here, Bill Schwarz is playing Tamboura! The cover artwork is also by John Terrill! Enjoy!

Monday, January 22, 2018

HERMANOS GUZANOS - "Live" - Oct 33, 1991

 On Saturday, October 33, 1991, Hermanos Guzanos were asked to play at a party in Los Angeles by a friend of Gary's named John Maffee who had a band named I Can't Find My Sheep, who were going to be the headliners at the gig. Although the core of our music was recorded "live" in the garage, this was the first and only time we actually performed in front of a bunch of people we didn't know! It was bad enough that we were drinking Tequila (Gary doesn't even really drink), but because of it, we also got lost on the way to the party. When we finally arrived, we were greeted by John, who told us not too worry, and that we just needed some bong hits! The opening act called Dune Buggy & the 18 Wheeler were playing when we got there. We had no game plan, set list, or drummer because we just always turned on the drum machine and played along, but at the last minute, another friend of Gary's named Jerry stepped up and offered to play drums with us.

 We did end up getting one good song out of the set which we put on our 1992 cassette called "Bound For Guzburg" that had this cool cover drawn by Brian James Riedel. Gary started playing a good riff, Brian and Jerry joined in, and I started singing what lyrics I could remember from a song by John Bartles called "Poland China Sized." I don't really know why, it seemed like a good idea at the time, and here's the results!
Hermanos Guzanos "Live"- "Poland - China Sized"
We never released anything else from that party, so just for kicks, here's a country song called "Involuntary Reaction" that we also had performed that afternoon with no drummer on Reverend Arnie Achoo's (Tom Ferranti) public access TV show called "Achoo!" It is what it is!
Hermanos Guzanos "Live" - "Involuntary Reaction"

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

JOHN BARTLES - "Live" - "Radio Allen Lake" (1990)

 On January 30, 1990, John Bartles went into the studios of radio station WITR  in Rochester, N.Y. and delivered a scathing set of music protesting a proposed nuclear waste site in Allegheny County in New York! This tape called "Radio Allen Lake" is the result! A real artiste on multiple levels, the insert is also drawn and hand-colored by John! With Joe Bonavita on Bass, Jack Bosarge on Drums, Todd Whitman on Sax, The Marvelous One playing the guitars and Allen Lake aka John Bartles on vocals! Get Ready! First up, here's....
"Four Feet Of Sludge"
and if that ain't enough, here's a message for all of us!!
"Callin' All Humans!"
It's been freakin' 28 years now, don't you think it's about time we started listening!!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

GLEN ARMSTRONG - "Live" - "Guess What I Was Wearing On My Head And Win A Prize" (Old Miami Bootleg)

 In the early 90's Glen Armstrong sent me this "Live" tape called "Guess What I was Wearing On My Head And Win A Prize" by Glen Armstrong And The Dirty Clergy. The label says "Old Miami Bootleg," so I'm assuming it was recorded some time in the late 80's.

The last song on this tape is a wild affair called "Helter Skelter / Singapour!" The first part of the song is a cover tune unlike anything you've heard lately combined with something I can only describe as being in the same ballpark as the frantic "Hide 'N Go Seek" by Bunker Hill! This, my friends, is the real deal!
Just on case you don't know, Bunker Hill was a heavyweight boxer and gospel singer turned pop star and the backing band providing the crazed music was none other than Link Wray and The Raymen. (Yet another reason why Link Wray should be in the R&R HOF!) The song "Hide 'N Go Seek" made it into the top 40 in 1962, and so you can compare Bunker and Glen, here's a link to "Hide 'N Go Seek" too!

Friday, January 5, 2018

UXORIA - "Theda Bara In Space" (1990)

To tell you the truth, I couldn't think of a better song to start the year!

I was raised on Spike Jones and Mad magazine! I love music and imagery that makes me laugh, and that's what this song, and this hand-coloured insert do!! Uxoria and/or Steven Boone is the man to blame! I featured another one of Steven's tapes here a couple of years ago called "Dead Relatives" that was really interesting, but this is hard to top! So, let's just get right down to it, and get 2018 in gear with a tune from Steven that flat ass cracks me up, here's: